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Hello and welcome to my other blog Sketch Show! Here I will be posting all my catwalk illustrations. If you are familiar with my other blog Workable Fixative you will know that is where I post my refined fashion illustrations and some of the fantastically fun jobs I get. Sketch Show is all about my obsession with fashion weeks from around the world (especially Paris, I hang out for Paris!). Each season I chose around fifteen shows by trawling through Style.com pics, from New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks and illustrate my two standout outfits from each show. I started last year (A/W 2011) with the intention to finish a whole season, but it didn't quite work out that way! I got to London and then life got in the way.

The outfits I choose are a mixture and revolve around these things: what I would die to wear, an outfit that is the absolute show stopper, something the model suits so well that the whole thing just comes together perfectly (bravo casting directors on that one!), an outfit that I think would be a challenge to illustrate or would be just plain fun to draw because its so kooky, or most importantly a design that is so true to the designer's aesthetic that it cant be missed. Each illustration takes around 15 mins to finish and when drawn straight from the catwalk those take around 30 seconds!

As of next year I'm setting my sights high and want to be a regular fixture at Perth, Sydney and Melbourne Fashion Weeks and in September fly to Paris and sketch at as many shows as possible! Eeek! I have learnt that if you want something bad enough you can get it:) And the following September (2013) I will be in Milan and Paris. Cant wait to look back on this post to see what happens!
I hope you enjoy both my choices and my illustrations, xpip.

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