Can You Improve Your Appearance by Wearing Jewelery

Can You Improve Your Appearance by Wearing JeweleryThis is a question that some would agree with and many would disagree, but could it be a question of taste? If we look at this world we would notice that most people are seeking the most attractive and beautiful person to be their life partner. In that idea we could see that appearance would be a key factor in the choosing of a spouse. So with this in mind does jewelry affect appearance?

If we look at the way people look to improve themselves we see that some men would go to a gym and endure hard work outs with weights in order to gain large muscles. This could be in the hope to attract a beautiful attractive female. Like wise a woman would go to a gym to tone her figure and to get her body in good proportion in the hope of attracting a handsome healthy strong man to be her partner.
So with this in mind, could it be the case that having beautiful jewelery may also add to a persons appearance and allow that person to be attractive to the opposite sex.

If you look at people looking for a life partner, you could note that they visit certain places where they may attract the opposite sex. You see groups of either young men or groups of young women traveling on a Friday or Saturday night to a club or party. This ritual would appear to have the motive of attracting the opposite sex. For example you could see groups of men at local train stations wearing a smart pair of trousers and a smart shirt waiting for a train to take them into central London. You may also see groups of women dressed attractively traveling to similar venues.

People tend to want to attract the best partner, men wanting a beautiful and attractive wife, and women possibly wanting a rich and handsome man. Jewelery is one of those things that could indicate that a person has wealth. Also a women may feel happy wearing beautiful diamonds etc.

So having jewelry could be a nice addition to a persons appearance. But also some jewelry would look better with one outfit than another, so what type of jewelery should a person wear with a particular garment. This question could be best left to personal taste, but there will possibly be things which definitely looks right and other things which just does not look right.

The other problem is that the fashion industry seems to change what is acceptable in one season to being unacceptable in another season. Would it not be better to let people choose what they felt best suited them. But may be at the end of the day it is the consumer who votes with their pounds.

But would jewelry go out of fashion like clothes appear to, due to the amount of money that could be paid for a piece of jewelery I would feel that an expensive piece of jewelry possibly would not go out of fashion. So wearing jewelery could be a good way to enhance the appearance.

So concluding I say that jewelry is a thing that could possibly always be something that could enhance a persons appearance. And it should perhaps be a matter of personal choice as to which piece suits a person.

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