Fall Fashion Finds for 2012

Fall Fashion Finds for 2011As school holidays come to an end, we wave goodbye to the hot fashion pieces of summer 2012 and welcome in fall with its fresh styles, colors and accessories, sure to excite fashion divas everywhere. With fall coming up quickly, we are starting to see a wide range of fashion trends that can easily be worn straight through winter. With styles made up of a wide range of materials, colors and clothing items - the possibilities are endless.

Gone are the days of brown, black, and red tweed that were so definitive of past chilly seasons. Rather, the coming season allows for soft and subdued colors as well as bright mood-enhancing tones such as orange, red, and yellow. For those who want to go bright but do not want to go outlandish, burgundy or midnight blue are very elegant, strong options - especially for that all important affair that you have to attend, or for an empowered day at the office. Prints are also back with a bang - whether floral, polka dots, fruity images or something more retro - prints are definitely in for fall 2012. However you wear them, will give you that touch of feminine pizzazz. Just remember... prints are always better when broken with a monotone and neutral tone such as black or white belt, sash or pair of shoes and necklace.

This coming season sees a power play between the need for a masculine look, while remaining charmingly feminine. Manly shirts, suits, boots, and hats are must haves this coming season as women step out onto the streets of New York, London and Paris. Having said that, some designers have stood up for femininity! They have broken up the manly fashion pieces with some girly clothing items that have simply never looked so chic.

Whether choosing a manly or feminine look for a particular day, the designers have broken all boundaries and incorporated a wide range of materials, with a wide range of colors for the coming two seasons. Let's start with sexy leather, whether as one full outfit or combined with fake fur - could you think of a more sensational look?

Pleats and frills are also in, obviously for girls needing to feel feminine and flirty. A great look is to combine a neutral pleated skirt with an interesting print top for fashionable fun. Oh, and girls, just beware, minis are out while maxis and midis have stepped in. Calm down - for those thinking that their sexiness will have to take a step out for the door, think again! The right skirt, teemed with the right belt and shoes is just right for perfect, subtle, sexiness.

Interestingly, designers have also taken the idea of fetishes to a whole new level by giving us Fall and winter styles created on fetish and dominatrix themes. Are you bold enough for it?

As in past seasons of late, layering is another fashion must - as long as you're wearing the right layers. Try a sheer shirt with wide-legged pants for indoor wear, paired with a thin knit sweater for warmth and a coat for outside excursions.

Of course, boots are a must and cute winter hats provide that extra sense of fashion flare.

A final accessory-must for that complete trendy look is a pair of fashion frames - whether they're prescription eyeglasses or simple eyeglass frames fitted with a placebo lens. The colors of the season allow for fashionistas to really let loose and enjoy choosing fun and bold designs and colors from the wide range available online. What's more, online eyeglasses shopping is so affordable that you may even be able to really accessorize by buying a few pairs in different colors, to complete your every look, every day of the next two seasons.

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